The public trail centre for outdoor activities is situated in Fontin nature reserve outside Kungälv north of Gothenburg. The competition entry created by Christofer Ödmark while working at Tengbom was selected winner in an architectural competition hosted by Kungälv municipality. The building was later planned by a team at Tengbom with Ödmark responsible for the overall design.

Photo: Ulf Celander

Photo: Ulf Celander

Photo: Ulf Celander

The brief asked for a building to replace the popular trail centre in the Fontin nature reserve that had recently been destroyed in a fire.

The ambition was to design a building that would harmonise with its surroundings, both visually and ecologically. The oval shaped floorplan without sharp corners makes the building appear slender and less intrusive on the site. The facade balance character, simplicity and buildability.

The final design is made of 170 identically built panels of silicon treated wood that mimics natural fossilization processes to become fire and fungus resistant without harming the surrounding nature.

Kotten was nominated as one of 20 projects for the award "Building of the Year" (Årets Bygge). The award aims to present the best projects of the Swedish building sector in regards to quality, collaboration, economy and design.

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