Light Factory

The 20.000 sqm residential building is the result of a parallel assignment won by Tengbom where Christofer Ödmark and Hans Lindgren created the winning proposal. Ödmark continued to developed the project while working as project architect. The 250 apartmens are housed in an L-shaped building dealing with the challenging urban environment in clever ways.

The rastered brick facade towards Mölndalsvägen emit light during the night and brings daylight to the stairwells during the day.

Assembly of pre-fabricated elements.

Bay windows on Falkenbergsgatan create views towards Mölndalsån and reduce noise from nearby traffic.

Early sketch of a rastered brick facade concept.



Cecilia Oldenqvist
Architect MSA
073-552 56 14

Christofer Ödmark
Architect SAR/MSA
073-323 26 84